Enter Sandman – Luke Donald: best bunker player of last 15 years

Looking at bunker saves since 2003:


Since 2003, there have been six years that Luke Donald played himself somewhere into the top five in sand save percentage. Donald is certainly the best bunker player of the generation, and is probably one of the best to have not won a major.

Looking at the best years for save percentages, the top ten is shown below:

Jim Carter – 82.7% (2004)

Luke Donald – 74.2% (2010)

Tim Clarke – 74.2% (2007)

Bill Haas – 72.3% (2014)

Aaron Oberholser – 71.8% (2008)

Ian Poulter – 70.2% (2013)

Luke Donald – 70.1% (2005)

Paul Stankowski – 69.3% (2011)

Rickie Fowler – 68.9% (2017)

Tiger Woods – 68.9% (2013)


Carter managed to save 54 out of 75 bunker shots in 2004. A percentage much higher than anyone else has touched. However, when looking at consistency, Donald has been the best. For anyone wondering how Luke Donald might do it, you can watch here.

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