Should Lefty keep hitting Bombs?

ShotLink Data says he should.

Here’s the awesome video Phil posted, ripping Kuchar and talking about his BOMBs:

Based on the data, Augusta is not the only place where a longer drive helps. Just using regression, we can see how much an extra yard with the drive impacts total score. Looking at the four majors, here are the results we get:


My regression model took all data ShotLink has, back from 1983, and measures the impact that average driving distance has on total strokes. As Driving Distance increases, Total Strokes decreases. The numeric slopes are listed below. They show that for each yard of increase in average drive, total strokes decreases by the following:

Masters: 0.0918

U.S. Open: 0.121

The Open: 0.0910

PGA Championship: 0.1105

So we can say with certainty that longer drives decrease scores at all four of the majors. Phil should use that 125 mph club head speed at Bethpage in May.

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